New Approaches to Motion Cuing in Flight Simulators.
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Document Type: Technical Report
Personal Authors: Brown, Y. J.; McMillan, G. R.; Cardullo, F. M.; Sinacori, J. B.; Riccio, G. E.

A study was conducted to investigate new approaches in motion simulation. The study developed a conceptual model of pilot control of an aircraft which was subsequently used in a need-based analysis of motion cuing devices. The analysis technique involved a frequency domain representation of aircraft maneuvers, pilot perception of these maneuvers, and pilot perception of the cues from various simulator cuing devices. The analysis led to an assessment founded upon principles of pilot perception and behavior. An analysis task was performed on a pop-up attack in an F-4 aircraft to generate the aircraft maneuver time histories and pilot cue matrix. The results were used in a frequency domain analysis to determine the value of cuing devices for particular portions of the maneuver. The study investigated various cuing techniques beginning with proposed optimization of existing devices and proceeding to discuss several new techniques such as vibromyesthetic stimulation and direct electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles. The report concludes with recommendations for (1) future work employing the newly developed analytical technique and (2) experimentation with selected new devices to determine their cuing value. Flight simulators, Flight simulation, Human factors, Psychophysiology, Senses(Physiology), Engineering.

Notes: Prepared in cooperation with Cardullo, Brown and Associates, Binghamton, NY, New York State Univ., Binghamton, John B. Sinacori Associates, Pebble Beach, CA and Illinois Univ., Urbana.

Primary Subject Category: Aeronautics and Aerodynamics - Aeronautics (Codes: 51B; 92A; 95D )

Keywords: * Cueing; * Flight maneuvers; * Flight simulators; * Flight training; * Human factors engineering; * Motion; * Pilots; F-4 Aircraft; Flight simulation; Frequency domain; Models; Muscles; Nerves; Optimization; Perception; Physiology; Psychophysiology; Senses(Physiology); Simulation; Time

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04/20/2000  [Training Reports 9414]
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