I bring my scientific education and a combination of academic and industrial experience to bear in meeting "outside the box" challenges in cross-disciplinary settings. In addition to analysis and design, I have facilities in my laboratory for prototype fabrication and testing. I also maintain a network of associates and shops to do machining, PCB production, editorial work, software coding, and even multi-media production.

Analog and digital electronics design. PC hardware interfacing. Prototype fabrication and test. Schematic capture and PCB layout.   Example.
Algorithm design, data reduction and presentation. Realtime and simulation techniques. Multi-media.   Example.   Embedded systems (PIC, embedded PC), device control, hardware interfacing. VB, PBDLL, C, DOS TCP/IP.   Example.
Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
Novel sensors and instruments.   Example. Custom data acquisition systems and data processing techniques.   Example.
Astronomical Instrumentation
Telescope components.   Example.   Instrument design.   Example.
Flight Simulation Technology
Visual systems. Motion systems.   Example.   Cuing and psychophysics.   Example.
Motion Control Technology
Flight simulation motion systems.   Example.   Motion control technology.   Example.
Technical studies and problem solving.   Example. Experience in physics, optics, acoustics, thermodynamics, astronomy, cryogenics, electronics.   Teaching Experience.